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Yes! Airway Home Medical cat Equipment is your Louisiana durable medical equipment (DME) provider. We can provide you with the high-end breast pumps mom's love -- with little to no out of pocket cost. We carry Medela (Pump In Style Advanced Tote, Pump In Style Advanced Backpack, Pump In Style Advanced with Metro Bag, Freestyle); Ameda (Purely Yours Ultra); Ardo (Calypso-To-Go); Hygeia (EnJoye LBI with Deluxe Tote); and Avent (Comfort Double Electric) breast pumps. We can bill BCBS (BC/BS, Blue Cross / Blue Shield), Coventry, Gilsbar, Verity, WebTPA, and others. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot bill Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare (UHC), or Medicaid plans. Medicaid moms can obtain a breast pump from a Target pharmacy with a doctor's perscription.

New Provisions of Affordable Care Act Effective 7/1/2013
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

 (HHS) has adopted guidelines for several woman-specific health services to be covered by health plans. These services include "breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling." According to the HHS Web site, "Pregnant and postpartum women will have access to comprehensive lactation support and counseling from trained providers, as well as breastfeeding equipment." The Web site adds: "Breastfeeding is one of the most effective preventive measures mothers can take to protect their health and that of their children. One of the barriers for breastfeeding is the cost of purchasing or renting breast pumps and nursing-related supplies."

How does this benefit moms?
These new provisions mean that insurance providers are now required by law to provide electric breast pumps as a covered expense for lactating women.  Please note that there are some variation about co-pays, depending on your insurance carrier and plan.

How do I get a breast pump through Airway?
Airway tries to make the experience as easy and hassle-free as possible. Here's how the ordering process works:

  1. Please call us at 337-237-7377 (Mon-Fri 8am-5:30 P.M., CST) or email (7 days a week).
  2. Our staff will ask for your health insurance plan information (policy number and insurance phone number) and your obstetrician's information (cannot be pediatrician), including his or her name and phone number as well as the type of breast pump you are interested in.
  3. Airway staff will then contact your health insurance and OB on your behalf to confirm coverage and complete your order. If there is an amount due, Airway will contact you to discuss your insurance benefit and patient responsibility. Please note, many insurance companies may not cover breast pumps until your deductible is met, the baby is born or 30 days before your due date.
  4. Your equipment is sent right to your home or office free of charge after order processing (order processing can take up to 5-8 business days, then 3-4 days shipping).

What are the advantages of ordering my breast pump through Airway?
Airway handles contacting both your insurance provider and your physician on your behalf. This usually means your breast pump is shipped to you with minimal or no out-of-pocket expense and arrives at your door in approximately 1 to 2 weeks.

How soon before the delivery of my baby and how late after their birth can I order a breast pump?
Depending on your insurance plans guidelines, we can provide a breast pump to you up to 30 days prior to your baby's date of birth and up to 12 months after delivery. United Healthcare Plan members, please be aware that United Healthcare requires your baby to be born prior to receiving a breast pump.

Which breast pumps are available from Airway?

Airway proudly supplies Ardo Calypso-To-Go, Ameda Purely Yours, Avent Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump, Hygeia Enjoye LBI, and Medela Pump in Style breast pumps.  We can provide other types of breast pumps depending on a mother's need.

Do I need to get a prescription from my doctor before calling Airway to place my order?
No. Our staff will obtain the required documentation from doctor's office during the order verification process.

How soon will I receive my breast pump after placing my order with Airway?
The time will vary.  Insurance providers require documentation of certified medical need (verification process).  Our staff will obtain the documents which verify your diagnosis and medical equipment to be ordered. This process could take between 3-5 business days., depending on your doctor's office response time.

If the breast pump you requested is approved through your health insurance without additional co-pays and currently in stock, then you will receive your order (usually within a week of calling) -- after we receive your written order confirmation.

If the breast pump you requested is not approved through your health insurance and/or there are additional co-pays, we will call you to determine next steps.

Can I return my breast pump if it did not meet my needs?
Unfortunately due to health reasons, open breast pumps are non-returnable.  But we do stand behind our products and if the pump is defective then we will replace it within 1 year of purchase date.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the breast pump.  Patient care is our primary concern. 


Breast Pump Request Form
If you would like us to contact you with information about breast pump options, or would like us to get started on an order for you, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly.



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